Under Fire

A soldier comes home, but did home change - or did he?
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Page 1
5th Apr 2012, 12:20 AM
Author Notes:
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The questions over the next few pages are based on a post-deployment health assessment that is meant to be administered to all returning military personnel. These are from the 2003 version, which is now obsolete and did not yet include extensive coverage of mental health concerns.
User comments:
Myrah (Guest)
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I'm very excited to see a webcomic dealing with soldier coming home since I've always been really interested in veterans, PTSD, etc. Good luck!
Mujank (Guest)
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why would you bother posting this when so little is done? Any semblance of getting into it from the first page just got shattered when there was nothing left to go to.
Cube (Guest)
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"You don't normally start reading from page one? If you don't want to read the story, which the author is putting out at no cost to you, then don't. There's no reason to be so angry about it. Me? I'm looking foward to the next update."